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About Brus Motors

Engines, transmissions and parts

For more than 30 years, Brus Motors has been internationally known as a wholesaler in car engines, transmissions and engine-related parts. We have new, almost new, used and rebuilt in stock. Also we have our own fully equipped rebuild department.

Our Products

Our products are purchased both locally and abroad and are from damaged or test vehicles, factory new (overstock of manufacturers) or rebuilt. All reliable, high quality products with warranty. Both petrol and diesel.

Check, inspection and registration

After checking, inspection and registration, the products are extensively documented and with clear pictures in our data system. They are then labeled and stored in our warehouse.


Thanks to the many years of experience and a sophisticated database, we are able to quickly provide our customers with professional information. All that in multiple languages.

Very large stock

The stock we have is very large, it also has a big variety. That is one of the strengths of our company.
3000+ Engines, 1500+ transmissions and a plurality of engine related parts await their order. The majority of our products are sold to customers abroad. In addition to that, leasing companies, fleet owners and car workshops are important customers for us.

Shipping and transport

Ordered products can be picked up or delivered for a fee. Products are professionally and properly packaged so that they can take a beating during their (international) journey. Rebuilt engines are supplied in steel frames.

Sell in lots

We also offer lots of engines, transmissions and / or parts. These lots find their way to trading companies and (rebuilding) companies both locally and abroad. It’s also possible to request lists of specified products.
Brus Motors
  • Especially selected and checked for you
  • Reliable quality products with warranty
  • Excellent service with expert knowledge